Meet the Celebrated Fiber Sculptor and Artist --- and Influential Gallery Owner --- Jane Sauer

Tulsa, OK – Today we speak with the widely acclaimed fiber sculptor and artist Jane Sauer, who's also a gallery owner based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sauer's works can be seen in several notable museums across the country, yet a number of years ago --- for reasons that she discusses today on our program --- Sauer decided to center her attention, passion, and energy on another aspect of the contemporary art scene: that is, she started working at a gallery. She's now the owner and director of the Jane Sauer Gallery on Canyon Road (which you can check out at, and she'll be giving a talk here in Tulsa on "Living with Craft" at the Gilcrease Museum on Saturday the 1st at 4pm. The event is sponsored by the Brady Craft Alliance of Tulsa, and it's free to the public. For more information, please visit