Medical Students Help Deliver Care to Oklahoma's Seriously Under-Served Patients.

Tulsa, Oklahoma – From coast to coast, health care remains a major American concern. But what about the local story? Did you know that Oklahoma ranks last in the nation in doctors per capita? Or that the average life expectancy in North Tulsa is 14 years shorter than in South Tulsa? One local outfit that's combating these alarming local trends is the OU-Tulsa School of Community Medicine. On our show today, we chat with Dr. Gerard Clancy, President of OU-Tulsa and Dean of its School of Community Medicine. As he tells our host Rich Fisher, the school will begin its week-long Summer Institute on Sunday (the 26th). At this institute, medical students get the chance to help deliver care to Oklahoma's seriously, and shamefully, under-served patients --- be they urban or rural. Dr. Clancy also talks at length about his school's so-called Bedlam Clinic. And at the conclusion of this edition of our program, commentator Ian Shoales offers strange-but-true stories about people who aim to make genetic engineering their "hobby."