Medals and Melodies: On the Next ATJ, as the Action Winds Down in Sochi, We'll Dig Some Russian Jazz

Feb 20, 2014

Please tune in for the next edition of All This Jazz, beginning at 10pm on Saturday the 22nd, right here on Public Radio 89.5-1. (We'll also offer, as always, a 7pm re-airing of ATJ on Sunday the 23rd on Jazz 89.5-2, which is our station's all-jazz HD Radio channel.)

Each and every week, we spin modern jazz, both recent and classic...from Geri Allen to Joe Zawinul, from Louis Armstrong to John Zorn. And the second half of our two-hour program always carries a theme.

This time around, that theme will concern, of all places, Russia. The 2014 Winter Olympics will conclude in Sochi over the weekend --- namely, on Sunday --- and in a respectful nod to all who've competed and triumphed at this polynational and multifaceted (and perhaps ever-so-slightly overblown) event, we'll offer a Russian Jazz Hour in the 11pm-till-midnight segment of our program.

Therefore, we'll encounter a modern-jazz take on "Russian Lullaby," the Irving Berlin standard. We'll hear the great "Chicago School" guitarist/bandleader Eddie Condon playing "Midnight in Moscow." We'll listen to the vocalist Sophie Milman as well as the trumpeter Alex Sipiagin, who were both born in Russia but now live (and make very excellent jazz recordings) in other countries (Milman in Canada; Sipiagin in the U.S.). And much more!

Join us!