Mayor Wants Public Safety Tax Considered

Mar 8, 2013

The Mayor explained his proposal before the council last night.
Credit KWGS News/TGov

Mayor Dewey Bartlett, Jr. goes before the Tulsa City Council and proposes a public safety tax. The Mayor wants to use the city's portion of the old Tulsa County 'Four-to-Fix the County' sales tax to better fund police and fire operations.

Mayor Bartlett says the city's portion of the  .167-cent tax would be enough to fund two fire and police academies each year. The left-over money could be used for  graffiti abatement, beautification efforts or street repairs.

The Mayor would like to see the details worked out and the plan placed before voters in November. Rather than create a temporary, five year tax, Mayor Bartlett wants the public safety tax to be be made permanent.