Mayor Reacts to AA Anouncement

Tulsa, OK – "Obviously the AMR bankruptcy is of concern to Tulsa leaders, but the bankruptcy is intended to allow AMR to continue operations by reorganizing and restructuring its business relationships. The company has a long history in Tulsa of working with its union representation, and our City and business leaders maintain a solid relationship with the local American Airlines management. We will continue to work to strengthen our support and ties with American.

AMR is the last of the major U.S. full-fare airlines to file Chapter 11 protection against its creditors. The company will go through a long process that could strengthen its core operations in the long term. Time will tell the outcome of all of AMR business operations, but I remain positive that Tulsa's maintenance operations are a strong component of its business. American officials have assured us that business prospects remain strong and existing contracts for new orders will remain in place."