Mayor Calls for River Development

Tulsa, OK –
Mayor Bartlett delivers his first State of the City address to over 800 business and civic leaders in Tulsa. During the 36-minute speech the Mayor called for planning and developing of an Arkansas River Corridor for economic, business opportunities and environmentally correct recreation attractions.

The Mayor said he has already met with the staff and the new Colonel at the Army Corp of Engineers in Tulsa to discuss their plans for the river and how the city could cooperate with those efforts.

Bartlett referred to the river as Tulsa's crown jewel. He says development should not be a Tulsa-only project, but one which includes each of our neighboring cities and Tulsa County government. The Mayor said, "whether we consider creating an all-encompassing River Authority or targeted privately financed development, I sincerely believe that we all know the Arkansas River is a sensible consideration for our community."

The Mayor says we should learn from past projects that did not work and try again to "harness the natural beauty that graces our door step."