The Master Plan for Downtown

Tulsa, OK – This week at City Hall, Doctor Jack Crowley is packing up. His job in Tulsa is finished. He will soon be headed back to the University of Georgia's College of Environment and Design. He has been on loan if you will to the City of Tulsa for the last year and a half working on the City's downtown master plan.

His project to reinvent Tulsa's downtown calls for more density.
That density would bring a mix of small business, entertainment and housing to downtown and make that region the city's core.

Doctor Crowley hails from Tulsa and his plan also includes a light rail component. Many people balk about the cost, but Crowley says it is cheaper than widening an expressway. He uses the Broken Arrow Expressway as an example.

What happens next to his plan?

That depends.

It could dove tail with the PLANiTULSA proposal or be a standalone comprehensive plan. He says the final decision is up to Mayor Taylor.