Martin Berkofsky: A Classical Pianist Employing "Music to Serve Humanity"

Tulsa, OK – On today's show, we welcome the classical pianist, musicologist, and activist Martin Berkofsky. This is a man who has long been committed to making beautiful music and sharing it with others, but who has also --- and just importantly --- been committed to making a difference in the world. Indeed, after recovering from a serious motorcycle accident in 1982, Berkofsky decided to donate proceeds from each of his performances to various charitable causes. He continues to do so to this day --- and several years ago, in celebration of his 60th birthday as well as his successful recovery from cancer, Berkofsky embarked on a marathon concert tour, his so-called "Celebrate Life Run," in which he ran from Tulsa to Chicago and beyond, and (by playing classical recitals along the way, at venues both great and small) raised more than $80,000 for cancer research. Berkofsky is also the founder of the Cristofori Foundation, which employs "music to serve humanity." (You can visit for more information about this foundation.) The latest CD from Berfofsky --- which benefits the Tulsa-based Assistance in Health Care organization --- is called "Beethoven Hope," and to learn more about this recording (or to purchase it, at a donation amount of your own choosing), you can call 918-286-5699.