Live Coverage of 2012 National Conventions

Aug 24, 2012

Nightly Specials from the Convention Halls 
August 27-30 and September 4-6, 7-10 PM on Public Radio 89.5-1

Public Radio Tulsa will continue its extensive coverage of Election 2012 with live broadcasts of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL, from August 27-30, and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC, from September 4-6. Daily reports and nightly specials will air on Public Radio 89.5-1, with reporting from John Durkee, Marshall Stewart, Catherine Roberts, and the NPR News Election 2012 team.

During the conventions, Public Radio 89.5-1 will offer in-depth news, interviews and analysis airing on Morning Edition, All Things Considered, and StudioTulsa. In addition, all NPR News coverage during the conventions will also be streamed live at and on mobile.

Public Radio 89.5-1 and NPR News’ coverage of the conventions will include:

  • Live Nightly Specials: Hosted by National Desk correspondent Jennifer Ludden, live, nightly specials featuring key speeches, newsmaker interviews and analysis of the day’s events will be the cornerstone of coverage. The specials will air August 27-30 and September 4-6 from 7-10 pm, or until the events of each evening conclude.
  • Election 2012 Team: Joining Ludden will be members of the NPR News Election 2012 team. Senior Washington editor Ron Elving and National Political correspondent Mara Liasson will provide analysis on newsmaker speeches and in-depth features coverage; National Desk correspondent Debbie Elliott and reporters Jeff Brady and Sonari Glinton will offer conversations with delegates from the convention floors. White House correspondents Ari Shapiro and Scott Horsley will report from the Romney and Obama campaigns, respectively.
  • NPR Newsmagazine Coverage: Convention news, interviews and analysis will air across all of the newsmagazines and talk programs that air on Public Radio 89.5-1. In addition, All Things Considered hosts Robert Siegel and Audie Cornish will report from both conventions for the program. NPR’s Election 2012 team along with correspondents Greg Allen, Cheryl Corley and Ted Robbins will also provide convention coverage for All Things Considered and Morning Edition.

Public Radio 89.5-1 is the first-stop for original reports, live blogging and updates during the conventions. will live-stream the nightly specials and offer additional convention coverage on the It’s All Politics blog, including:

  • Newsmaker interviews, party politics and profiles of key players.
  • Previews and analysis of each day’s events from bloggers Mark Memmott, Eyder Peralta, Liz Halloran and Alan Greenblatt.
  • A live chat with lead blogger Frank James, and check-ins with elections editor Neal Carruth, throughout the nightly specials.
  • Early morning analysis of upcoming events and late night “best-of” round ups from Memmott, Peralta and Elving.

Together with NPR, Public Radio 89.5-1 offers extensive coverage of the 2012 presidential election on-air, online and mobile. All reporting is aggregated at the NPR.orgElection 2012” hub: from hours of live, special coverage of the primaries and caucuses; to the series “The Swing State Project,” examining how national politics has shaped the political climates of the states crucial to this election; to the “Money & Politics” page, exploring the extent to which money influences elections and policy. Public Radio 89.5-1 and NPR News will continue to offer original reports and information on the presidential race through Election Day, with live coverage on November 6, 2012.