Little Black Dresses (at TU's Hogue Gallery) and Fringe Festival Anecdotes (from Scotland)

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's show, we discuss two upcoming arts events here in Tulsa. First we hear from Connie Cronley (a longtime commentator for this program) and Teresa Valero (an art professor here at the University of Tulsa) about a new art exhibit devoted exclusively to the Little Back Dress, that timeless staple of women's fashion. (This exhibit goes on view later this week; a reception for the exhibit will happen at TU's Hogue Gallery on September 10th.) Then we hear from Lisa Wilson, who teaches theater at TU --- she's just returned from Scotland's fabled (and famously freakish) Fringe Festival, where she was performing her new one-woman show. Wilson will soon be performing this show here in Tulsa at the Nightingale Theater.