Letters: Winning City Council With Only Two Votes

Apr 13, 2012



Time now for your letters and a correction. On Monday, we brought you the story of The LouseBuster, a hot air treatment that kills head lice. You can find it at salons with names like Nittless Noggins, Pikki Nikki and the Hair Whisperers, but not at Hair-Fairies, as we reported. Our apologies for that one.

Well, now on to my conversation with Carolyn Hamre. She won a seat on the City Council of Portage, Wisconsin. And she did it with just two votes, hers and her husband's.

CAROLYN HAMRE: There were 11 people. They had received one vote. And so, I won by a landslide by getting two.


SIEGEL: Well, it turns out Ms. Hamre is not the only two-vote winner in this great democracy. Melanie Renzulli lives here in Washington, D.C. and she writes this: Voting in my very first election, at the age of 18 in Washington, D.C., I wrote in my name for a seat on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission for my district. When I returned to my dorm, I told a friend about this and he also wrote in my name. Within a few days after the election, I learned that I had won election to the commission with only two votes.

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