Leaders Lobby for Vision 2

Oct 31, 2012

Tulsa County leaders tout what they call major benefits of Vision 2.

County leaders speak about Vision 2.
Credit KWGS News

Collinsville City Manager Pam Polk says proposition one, for improving facilities at the airport, is especially important for her community.

“Collinsville has one of the highest percentages per capita,” she said, “of our citizens that work at the airlines and in the aerospace industry.”

She and other leaders at an announcement today encouraged voters to approve both the economic development at the airport and the quality of life proposals.

Jenks Mayor Vic Vreeland says for his town, the quality of life proposition could be a game changer.

“You put a low water dam in across from Jenks to South Tulsa, and all the development that will happen along the River in that area,” he said, “will completely change the way that whole region looks.”