Lawsuit Filed Against Narconon Arrowhead Rehab

Oct 6, 2012

The parents of a patient found dead in July at Narconon Arrowhead filed a lawsuit against the facility Friday in Pittsburg County District Court, McAlester. The lawsuit alleges wrongful death, negligence, and violation of the Oklahoma Consumer Protection Act.

The suit was filed by Tulsa Attorney Gary Richardson. Narconon Arrowhead is a national nonprofit drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Pittsburg County.

Plaintiffs are Robert Murphy and Tonya White, parents of 20-year-old Stacy Dawn Murphy of Owasso, who was found dead in the facility's withdrawal unit on July 19 this year.

"The death of Stacy Murphy is a real tragedy," the Richardsons say. "She was addicted to drugs and she and her parents were introduced to Narconon when they sought treatment for Stacy. They were provided misleading information on the Narconon website and by Narconon representatives, which led them to believe that Narconon Arrowhead would be a safe and effective treatment facility.