Land Fill Smoke Not Toxic

Tulsa, OK – The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced that preliminary results from air quality monitoring in the Tulsa area indicate no toxics in smoke coming from the North Tulsa Sanitary Landfill. These are preliminary findings taken from EPA's aircraft that is equipped to image, map, identify, and quantify chemical vapors and plumes.
Additional air quality data is currently being recorded on ground-level monitors. Results from the ground-level monitors are not yet available.

Even smoke without toxic vapors can irritate the respiratory system and can worsen symptoms for those who already have breathing difficulties due to conditions such as asthma and emphysema. DEQ continues to encourage individuals with this type of pre-existing condition to avoid the smoke by remaining indoors.

"Emergencies such as this one demonstrate the importance of the continued planning and cooperation between DEQ and EPA," said EPA Regional Administrator Al Armendariz.

"DEQ appreciates the quick response of EPA in this matter," said DEQ Executive Director Steve Thompson. "DEQ and EPA will remain at the landfill throughout the day to place additional air quality monitors and gather data from those that have already been placed."