Feedback 1-2-3
6:50 pm
Thu April 4, 2013

Kudos & Brickbats From Our Spring Forward 2013 Fund Drive

Sugar Ray Leonard
Sugar Ray Leonard

These listeners haven't been too shy to tell us what they think about the six HD Radio channels of Public Radio Tulsa. Share your thoughts, good and bad, in these three ways:

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  • Continue bringing the great music you do! I love the Performance Today and Exploring Music programs in the evening. Any chance of repeating Wind and Rhythm on Saturdays? I miss on the beginning of the program due to church. Thanks! - Tulsa
  • We love Folk Salad. When I listen to your station with a Walkman-type radio the reception is frequently interfered with by other stations. I wish your signal was stronger. - Broken Arrow
  • I'm an avid listener throughout the day and was really saddened to learn Talk of the Nation would be discontinued this summer. That was my favorite weekday show! I hope this donation can continue programming along TOTN's style. - Tulsa
  • Good programing is the reason I listen and why I am making a pledge. - Tulsa
  • Keep the music flowing. - Glenpool
  • Most like: Folk Sampler, Car Talk, Wait, Wait..., Swing on This, Big Band Saturday Night. - Tulsa
  • Sorry I didn't get my pledge in sooner! I like the new line up on Sundays! - Porter
  • I love having this for daily listening--so glad it is on! I have poor reception (at 75th and Yale-in Tulsa) more often than I would like. Hope that eventually gets worked out. There needs to be less talk along with the music! - Tulsa
  • FM88.7 and FM89.5 are both great listening stations. Thanks for being there for us.- Tulsa
  • I listen 2-3 hours every day and enjoy it very much. The DJ's are uniformly pleasant and knowledgeable, and the music well-selected. I do have one complaint though, and that is the number of guitar pieces. The schedule seems to mandate at least one per hour and I don't think the the classical repertoire necessitates that much. - Bartlesville
  • I listen every day. Thanks for such great programming! - Tulsa
  • We listen to KWGS and KWTU everyday. - Tulsa
  • I love the programming on KWGS. You are offering programs that I didn't get on my previous public radio station. Plus, it is nice to get two choices of times to listen to one of my favorites, Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me. That way, if I miss it on Saturday, I have another opportunity. Of course, if I miss that, I know I can get it online. I also really like the Diane Rehm Show, Commonwealth Club and Talk of the Nation. You know that you are a serious listener when you find yourself trying to plan your schedule around certain radio programs! - Proctor
  • The comparison this morning to feeding a parking meter and what would we pay to feed a meter to keep NPR going hit home. This is my first time to contribute, but not my last. Love you guys and love NPR. - Tulsa
  • Often on the road to see my elderly mother (Bartlesville to Ponca City and back). This station has made my trip so much more enjoyable. I go at different times so I hear different programs. I often share what I learned from public radio with my mom! Thank you! - Bartlesville
  • Love NPR and KWGS. I listen every morning and afternoon. thanks for all that you do! - Tulsa
  • I love it all. You definitely inform my world. - Bartlesville
  • Keep up the great work. My kids are smarter that I was at their age because of NPR. They actually request it when we're driving. - Jenks
  • Thanks for all your great programming and in-depth reporting! - Tulsa
  • For years we have not had cable. Our household relies on public radio for both entertainment and news. We have lived in Alaska, Oregon, Texas and Tulsa, OK. No other public radio station has had the quality of programming, both local and national, as the Tulsa KWGS station. It is a gem and adds so much value to our community. Keep up the good work! - Tulsa
  • My son, daughter, and I all listen to NPR. This pledge is for all of us. I'm hooked on the Tobolowsky Files and downloaded all the podcasts after hearing it the Thursday noon airing. - Tulsa
  • I listen to your station almost exclusively and have never contributed. This morning I finally made the commitment to contribute, because your station adds so much to my life. Thank you for your excellent programming! - Oologah
  • Really enjoy your classical music, particularly in the car. Prefer the old masters to the new composers. (Do not enjoy opera) - Tulsa
  • I love your Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me and Car Talk shows. It always brightens my day when I hear them. - Claremore
  • Great Programming throughout the week (except for those commentaries by my nephew Barry Friedman). Just kidding, Bar!!" - Broken Arrow
  • KWGS is absolutely wonderful! Thanks for all the hard work -- and the wonderful programs! - Sapulpa
  • Always when I am in my car, and that is a lot. Diane Rehm is the best interview show on radio OR TV. Always regret getting out of range when I am traveling. - Tulsa
  • ME, ATC, Wait, Wait, Car Talk, This American Life are my favorites. A Prairie Home Companion ...not so much. - Tulsa
  • With a house full of women, I'm usually in the garage listening to KWGS and working on some sort of project. - Owasso
  • Love the local news in the mornings, StudioTulsa, and all of the business-related programming. - Tulsa
  • We never listen to anything else. The programming is great, and we really enjoy all the depth of news coverage. We feel like NPR keeps us informed about the world in a straight-forward and unbiased way. NPR, and all of its programming and affiliate programs (PRI, APR) are true treasures of American journalism and broadcasting. - Tulsa
  • Thank you for your high quality music. - Jenks
  • I love listening to your station on my way to and from work. The shows keep me informed with quality programming. - Sapulpa
  • Love Scott Gregory's All This Jazz, and the other Saturday music programs. I listen to Fresh Air on podcast when I run. Rich Fisher is one of the best-ever interviewers. I believe he single-handedly puts Tulsa and Oklahoma in the best possible light for all those luminaries. Keep up all the great work! - Tulsa
  • The Wait, Wait... flash drive hooked me. I love that show because it always brightens my spirits. When you offered the recordings of past programs, I had to up my pledge to get it. Thanks! - Tulsa
  • I Love KWGS and public radio. I listen to it compulsively. - Claremore
  • I have been a listener since 1977. I am also self-employed and there have been years that I could not donate. Last year it was $60. This year it is a $100. Looking forward to wearing the new NPR cap and spreading the word. - Tulsa
  • Yours is the only radio station I listen to; wish I could donate more. - Tulsa
  • I enjoy my local programs as well as Wait, Wait..., Radio Lab, Science Friday, This American Life, Snap Judgment, All Things, and many more. Thank you for providing quality programing. - Broken Arrow
  • Became a regular listener in 2012. Really enjoy the programming overall. Always interesting and informative. Thanks. - Bixby
  • FAVORITES: Diane Rehm; Car Talk; BBC World Service; Prairie Home Companion; Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me. - Tulsa
  • I love classical music and listen in my car all the time. Although I can't contribute at the level I am sure Public Radio Tulsa deserves, I do want to be a small part of supporting it. - Sapulpa
  • I enjoy NPR Tulsa every day and just didn't make it to contribute during the actual fund drive. - Tulsa
  • I listened all week to the Fund Drive and then at 6pm on Friday was driving home and realized I still had not made a pledge! Love NPR and appreciate especially RadioLab, All Things Considered, and Science Friday programs. - Broken Arrow
  • Excellent programming...keep it up. My contribution will be matched by Phillips 66/ConocoPhillips. - Bartlesville
  • I have always enjoyed your programing and recently realized that it is my primary cite in news/political conversation. It seemed to me, at that point, that it was well time to contribute and to do so regularly. Thank you. - Tulsa
  • I was driving around Tulsa and my son wanted to make this pledge. He said, Dad, some of my favorite shows are on NPR. If we and others don't help out, think of all we might miss. I can't imagine a world without Prairie Home! So he ran up stairs, took out his bank and gave $15. - Tulsa
  • I don't know what I would do without public radio. Your piece about TV/Cable this morning - I wouldn't miss TV at all if I could just have public radio. Shows I love: Swing On This!!!; Car Talk, Prairie Home Companion, The Sunday evening music shows. THANK YOU!!! - Tulsa
  • All This Jazz, Swing On This, Wait Wait, Storycorps, Terry Gross - Tulsa
  • Thanks for the programming! However, the local news does not add anything to the myriad of news feeds from local newspapers, TV stations, etc. - Tulsa
  • I'm a first timer and really struggled with the idea of contributing, but when I think about what my drives around town would be like without you guys... I almost start to cry. You guys don't yell, there is no huge hype or spin on certain topics, and no loud annoying commercials every 2 seconds. Proud to be a part of KWGS. - Tulsa
  • You guys played the Jurassic Park theme… Play anything from An American Tail, Land Before Time, or A Beautiful Mind and I'll double it after 6 months. Your move, 88.7. - Owasso
  • Sad to hear that Talk of the Nation is ending, but Public Radio Tulsa is one of the only places I trust to get my news. Keep up the good work. - Tulsa
  • Love Splendid Table, Fresh Air, et al. Thanks for all you bring to our community! - Tulsa
  • Please split my contribution evenly between 88.7 classical music and 89.5 Diane Rehm et al. - Tulsa
  • Our favourite 'window to the world' - Owasso
  • Love NPR, you make me think! - Claremore
  • Love all of it...Radio Lab, Diane Rehm, Morning Edition, All Things Considered and especially like Studio Tulsa with Rich Fisher, who is excellent at his interviews. Thank you. - Sand Springs
  • NPR is my only source for news, I work in the tech industry and it's nice to turn everything off and just listen. - Jenks
  • I am very proud of local public radio station. Keep up the great work! - Tulsa Keep up the good work, have listened to you since early 70's, Rich Fisher is the greatest. - Tulsa
  • Thanks for all the fantastic programming - local and national! Loving the TED Radio Hour especially. - Tulsa
  • A few months ago, my four year-old asked me to turn on the radio where the people just talk. We have learned that he enjoys listening to the weather report and hearing if there are any injury or non-injury accidents and discussing the reports on the way to school every morning. This could be because weather and car accidents are something that he can relate to OR he may just be trying to talk me into finding the nearest ambulance or firetruck. Either way, I am pleased that he is growing up learning to listen to our public radio station...and enjoying it. Thank you. - Jenks
  • Thank you for the intelligence of your programming. - Owasso
  • My favorite local radio shows are: * Swing on This * Big Band Saturday Night * - Tulsa Public Radio Tulsa is an absolute bright spot in our lives. Thanks for being here. - Tulsa
  • Listening Saturday mornings and early afternoon is one of my favorite things. BusinessWorld is, believe it or not, is a Tulsa treasure. - Tulsa
  • LOVE the weekday Radio Lab and Commonwealth Club - and of course Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me. Oh and Selected Shorts and Snap Judgement. And This American Life. And the coverage of LOCAL theater :) - Tulsa
  • I love Public Radio Tulsa and NPR and the programming that you offer. I have listened to other NPR affiliates in the NPR app and so far Public Radio Tulsa has the best schedule and the best original programming!!! I also love the classical music station! Keep up the good work!! - Bartlesville
  • This is the only local radio station we listen to, and we find NPR stations by car radio when we travel. NPR provides the only moderate alternative to the large number of conservative talk shows on radio. - Tulsa
  • Just try to be neutral and not so leftist. I have learned more from NPR than from college. - Skiatook
  • We love your station. We wish we could give more, but we are two teachers. My students listen with me all day and we all do better because of it. Best classroom management tool! - Tulsa
  • Both my husband and I have driveway moments EVERY DAY! I feel for years we have been stealing from you. I always tell myself that I will pledge next time when I have more money. As we have 2 very young kids, funds can get tight. However when even my 3 yr old is laughing in the driveway with me (even if it is just at me laughing), I feel like I am paying for her entertainment as well. Sorry for being a thief for so long. Nothing like a child teaching a parent "Not to steal." - Coweta
  • My radio only plays two stations, 89.5 and 88.7. Keep up the good work. - Tulsa
  • My favorite shows? Well, I listen all night if that tells you anything. But my super favorites are: Selected Shorts, BBC World News, Snap Judgment, Car Talk, Wait, Wait…Don't Tell Me, Science Friday, etc. - Tulsa
  • Love NPR. Intelligent and I learn something everyday. Keep up the good work. - Tulsa
  • I can't name a program I like best, because I haven't found one I don't like, but I will keep listening and let you know when I find one that meets that criteria. Meanwhile you will find me in my garage, the driveway, or a parking lot listening to the end of some Public Radio Tulsa show. - Broken Arrow
  • You are the only radio station we listen to. - Tulsa
  • We love Wait, Wait..., Car Talk, Selected Shorts, This American Life, all the news programs and the local music shows as well.  This is such a great NPR station! - Claremore
  • Swing on This - Folk Salad - Folk Sampler-  Prairie Home Companion, keep em comin'. - Sand Springs
  • I listen to NPR everyday - please keep up the good work. - Fort Gibson
  • I appreciate your hard work and dedication and I'm enjoying both 89.5 as well as the classical station. - Tulsa
  • Keep up the good work! Great well rounded news coverage & entertainment! - Broken Arrow
  • Really enjoy the noon programing during the week… especially Rick Steves! - Tulsa
  • Morning Edition and Weekend Edition are our favorite everyday shows.  Splendid Table, The Car Guys, and A Prairie Home Companion are weekend favorites. We are already missing the Car Guys. Will Prairie Home go on after Garrison retires? - Tulsa
  • Love All Things Considered and the morning news show. - Tulsa
  • Favorite programs: Diane Rehm, Science Friday. Talk of the Nation was also a favorite; sorry to hear it will be discontinued. - Tulsa
  • And we love public radio! You all are the best! Please continue to offer the in depth reporting of local issues, events, and more. You're doing a great job! - Tulsa