Kudos & Brickbats From Our Listeners and Supporters (Fall 2013)

Dec 7, 2013
  • Thanks! You are part of our celebration of Lent. You guys do a great job. - Claremore
  • Love RadioLab, Science Friday, Diane R, bunch of other stuff to numerous to mention!!! - Tulsa
  • Now that I am retired, I have even more time to enjoy your programming... and enjoy it, I certainly do! - Tulsa
  • Love all your shows.  Especially Swing on This!  And Car Talk!  And all the Sunday night music. And Science Friday....... And the local news coverage! - Tulsa
  • Even though I find NPR coverage is way too liberal, and the national announcers are "giddy" when the democrats win anything, I'll still contribute. I listen to NPR on my way to work very early in the morning, and then flip over to the classical music station if the coverage is too one sided. Keep up the good work, but please attempt to even the playing field. Your local coverage folks and events coverage and music are delightful. - Bartlesville
  • I listen your broadcasts when on assignment in Tulsa. - Asheville, NC
  • I like to listen to All Things Considered and I especially enjoy the Puzzle Master on Sunday mornings. - Bartlesville
  • I miss getting KWTU online at work this fall. I changed school districts and they "ban" all music stations! So now I only get to listen on the hour or so drive to and from work. Thanks for keeping the music coming! - Tulsa
  • Thank you for amazing stories and news - I am always sitting in my car/driveway listening to the end of a story.  Thank you for being part of my everyday.  - Bixby
  • We enjoy our Tulsa NPR Radio very much.  Thanks for doing such a good job with the monies you have. - Broken Arrow
  • Wait, wait, don't tell me and morning and evening news are my favorites. - Tulsa
  • Don't ever want to lose public radio. - Tulsa
  • Thanks for connecting us to the world in and beyond Tulsa! - Tulsa
  • I listen to this station multiple times a day and stream it online when I am able to do so.  Keep up the great work. - Tulsa
  • 89.5 and 88.7 are #1 and #2 on my quick select but they might as well be the only two options. Thank you for providing Tulsa and the surrounding area with wonderful news, stories, and music. Cheers to PRT!  - Tulsa
  • I love your station; I listen daily online and rely on you to know what is going on in the world.  Here & Now is the highlight of my afternoon.  It is enlightened, even more in-depth than the typical NPR program, and it keeps me engaged.  Please stand behind this new programming! - Tulsa
  • I want you to know that as far as I am concerned, my entire contribution is going to KWTU and NOT KWGS. - Broken Arrow
  • I'd love to hear even more local coverage. Stay classy and meaningful. - Tulsa