Keetonville Water Issues

Nov 12, 2012

Credit File photo

There are some problems in Rogers County Water District Number-3. A leak in the Keetonville water tower needs repair.

The District is going to allow customers drain the tower so that the leak may be fixed. In a news release, the district says water pressure will drop but that it does not anticipate a total loss of service.

The work is expected to take several days.

Below is the text of the news release:

We have discovered a leak on the Keetonville tower that we must repair as soon as possible.  As of Monday, November 12, 2012, we will be allowing Keetonville tower to be drained by customer usage.  Once the tower is emptied we will revert to pressure mode and Keetonville customers will experience a drop in water pressure, although we don't anticipate any complete water outages. 

The area that will likely be affected will be most everything north of 106th St N in the RWD 3, Rogers County District, which is most of the area on top of Keetonville Hill.  We will work this repair as rapidly as possible but may take a couple of days to complete.

If anyone experiences a complete loss of water, we would appreciate a call to let us know so we can adjust the pumps properly.

We realize this situation will be a tremendous  inconvenience for the customers residing in this area.  We want to apologize and thank you for your patience!