From Kathy Reichs --- Creator of the Hit TV Show, and Likewise-Titled Series of Mystery Novels, "Bones" --- Comes a New YA Novel

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On this installment of our show, we speak by phone with Kathy Reichs, a forensic anthropologist and bestselling mystery novelist who's also the creator of the hit TV show, "Bones." Reichs has written several books in the "Bones" series of detective novels --- and she's just put out her first novel intended for young-adult readers. That book is "Virals," and Reichs tells us all about it on today's StudioTulsa. "Virals" has as its heroine a teenager named Tory Brennan --- the niece of Reich's popular (and long-running) Temperance Brennan protagonist --- and the novel has been summarized like so by one Booklist critic: "Tory Brennan, transplanted from New England to South Carolina after her mother's death, is getting used to life with her hitherto-unknown marine-biologist father when life throws her a curve in the form of an odd virus. Along with her friends --- a multiethnic group of science nerds all living, like her, on a remote barrier island --- Tory finds a set of military ID tags linked to a missing-person's case. The subsequent sleuthing exposes the gang to a disease, leaving them with heightened senses that flare when they're in danger. They get plenty of opportunities to exercise their powers of intense sight, smell, and hearing in this suspenseful, if a bit exaggerated, plot-driven novel by the creator of the 'Bones' TV drama.... The book flows and is full of snappy dialogue guaranteed to draw in adventure junkies." Also on today's show, our commentator Barry Friedman has some observations to share in reference to his alluring yet troublesome new roommate: cable television.