Kastner Trial Update

Tulsa, OK – Tulsa trial prosecutors say case nearly complete

TULSA, Okla. (AP) Prosecutors say they expect to rest their case Monday in the first-degree murder trial of a Tulsa man accused of killing his wife the night before she would have discovered a web of lies.

Former Tulsa high school teacher and coach John Kastner is charged in the June 2008 shooting death of Lori Kastner while she slept.

Kastner's adopted daughter, Sally Kastner, testified Friday that her father told her that he was with the Israeli Army and was taking the family to Israel. Sally Kastner spent the night of the shooting away from the home.

Prosecutors say Kastner was not a member of the Israeli military and he killed his wife because his story of her having a lucrative job offer in Israel was about to unravel.

Kastner claims an intruder killed Lori Kastner who was a former attorney for the Oklahoma Supreme Court.