Juvenile Justice Investigation-Part #-3

Tulsa, OK – In part three, County Commissioner Karen Keith outlines efforts, which she's spearheading, to find a location and fund a new juvenile justice center. She's made it one of her top priorities since taking office. An architectural firm's been hired to come up with a preliminary design and a realistic cost estimate. The plans should be ready this month. Some state money from the office of Juvenile affairs is helping, but Keith says it will take millions more. She agrees any kind of tax increase is probably unrealistic in today's economy, but claims there are grants and other dollars available if Tulsa County can manage to snare them. She's working on a public-private partnership to pay for the bulk of the cost of a new juvenile center and is hopeful the money will be found. She says the future of Tulsa County's youth is connected to how effective programs are to help those most at-risk.