Jury Awards $10 Million to Family of Man Who Died after Five Days Without Aid at Tulsa County Jail

Mar 20, 2017

Credit File Photo

After nine hours of deliberations spread across two days, a jury awarded $10 million Monday to the family of an Army veteran who died at the Tulsa County Jail.

Elliott Williams died in October 2011 from complications of a broken neck and dehydration. After a misdemeanor arrest in Owasso, Williams was left on the floor of a medical cell for five days without receiving attention.

Williams' family was seeking $51 million in damages.

The jury, which deliberated three hours Friday and six hours Monday, found former sheriff Stanley Glanz and Sheriff Vic Regalado were "deliberately indifferent" to Williams' civil rights.

They awarded Williams' family $250,000 from Glanz and $10 million from Tulsa County. If the latter award comes from the county sinking fund, property taxes could go up; however, a clause in their contract may force the jail's medical provider to pay.