Jenks/Union Called Names

Oklahoma City, OK – Okla. school official tweet: Educators 'dirtbags'

TULSA, Okla. (AP) Oklahoma schools Superintendent Janet Barresi's chief of staff recently used her personal Twitter account to refer to Jenks and Union school administrators as "dirtbags."

The Sept. 7 message by Jennifer Carter mentions a lawsuit by Jenks and Union against parents who earlier sued the districts.

The parents' lawsuit claims the districts refused to provide scholarships as provided by state law to send their special-needs children to private schools. The districts' lawsuit seeks to have the law declared unconstitutional.

Carter is on maternity leave and not immediately return a request for comment. Another comment on Twitter by Carter reads "Must be a slow news day" followed by the hashtag: don'tshootthemessenger.

Barresi wrote to the Tulsa World that the comment "was a poor choice of words" and called the districts' lawsuit "morally wrong."