Jenks Residents Get Easier Recycling

Mar 22, 2013

Credit KWGS News Photo

  Curbside recycling is coming to Jenks. The City of Jenks’s Jennifer Harper says it won’t require an extra cart.

“You can put your trash and your recyclables and your trash in the same cart,” she said. “You can have your recyclables loose and then the others would be bagged.”

Jenks residents will be able to use the same trash cart they currently have.

“It’s actually a large cart, so it handles quite a bit of trash,” Harper said.

She says American Waste Control has the technology to separate the recyclables from the bags at its facility.

Jenks does have a MET facility, but Harper says the idea is for the two systems to work together.

Glass is not an acceptable item for curbside recycling, for instance. It is accepted at the MET location.

The program will start around April 1.