It is Still Brady, But It is 'M.B. Brady Street'

Aug 15, 2013

An 'M.B." will now be added to this Tulsa Street sign.
Credit KWGS News

The Municipal Theater in Tulsa is still be the 'Old Lady on Brady'. But the street is no longer named for Tulsa pioneer Tate Brady, a man with ties to the Ku Klux Klan. The Tulsa City Council voted to change the street name to 'M.B. Brady Street'. That is short for Mathew Brady.

Who is he?

Mathew Brady is a famous Civil War era photographer. He photographed Abraham Lincoln and caught many iconic images of the Civil War. The council felt honoring Mathew Brady, in the 'Brady Arts District', would be appropriate.

Street signs will be changed through the length of Brady Street to M.B.Brady. In addition, Brady Street will be known, in the downtown area, as  'Reconciliation Way', much as 15th Street is called' Cherry Street.'

Only District 3 Councilor David Patrick voted against the change. Emotions were heated at times. More than once, Patrick, who is also the Council Chair, had to call for order as people in the audience shouted.  Mayor Bartlett favored the compromise, even though Councilor Jack Henderson did not want the Mayor to speak. When Patrick ruled that the Mayor could speak, Henderson threatened to have Patrick voted out as the Council Chair.