Inhofe Weighs In on Ukraine During Port of Catoosa Visit

Mar 18, 2014

Sen. Jim Inhofe visited the Port of Catoosa Tuesday to give an update on related issues in Washington. The conversation soon turned to problems in Ukraine.
Credit Matt Trotter / KWGS

Sen. Jim Inhofe gave a legislative update today at the Port of Catoosa that veered into foreign policy.

A question-and-answer session during Inhofe’s remarks to port stakeholders moved from local issues to international ones within about 15 minutes. Several people wanted to know about the situation in Ukraine. Inhofe said any gains made during the Cold War are being lost now.

"[Vladimir] Putin's going to go into the Ukraine now, then it will be others, and it's going to include Georgia," Inhofe said. "I guess what is happening in my opinion right now is that all the Reagan years are being undone and being reverted back."

He said most of the conversation on Capitol Hill about Russia is focused on economic sanctions.

"Do we enhance that by adopting a policy of — to pacify? Or do we get strong again and try to reassert ourselves in a military position that can do something about it ?" Inhofe said. "I fall into the second camp on that."

Inhofe said not building a ground-based missile defense system in Poland and the Czech Republic has been a foreign policy mistake.