Immigration, Deficit Among Topics at Bridenstine Town Hall

May 2, 2013

The town hall at NSU Broken Arrow drew a crowd of over 75.
Credit KWGS News

First District Congressman Jim Bridenstine is in town this week. In a town hall, he leaves constituents with no doubt about where he stands on an impending debt ceiling battle.

“I am not against raising the debt limit,” he said. “I’m against raising the debt limit when we don’t have a solution to the trillion dollar deficits. We have to have a plan in place that gets us to a balanced budget, and apart from that, I won’t be voting to raise the debt limit.”

He received numerous questions from audience members about immigration reform—he said his priority is border security.

“We will have this issue over and over and over again in the future if we don’t get control of the border,” he said. “That’s just the reality.”

He also explained his position against the Marketplace Fairness Act, which he says would be bad for businesses that could be subject to more taxes.