Hunter S. Thompson Meets Borat in an amusing "Liquor-Fueled Cricket Tour through Eastern Europe."

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's show, we hear from the Scottish-born-Canadian-writer-turned-international-cricket-enthusiast Angus Bell. Bell's book, "Batting on the Bosphorus: A Liquor-Fueled Cricket Tour through Eastern Europe," has just been published in paperback. Part Hunter S. Thompson, part Borat, and maybe also part Rick Steves, Bell's guidebook is an off-the-wall travel/leisure/memoir hybrid that follows the world's second most popular sport --- yes, that's right, cricket --- into a good many unlikely scenes and locales (many of them being, well, decidedly Slavic). "Batting on the Bosphorus" is quite interesting, often very funny, and "different" from the get-go.