Hungry Tulsans Receive Aid

Tulsa, Okla. – Relief organizations are active in Tulsa these days, even with reports that the recession is lifting. Hunger-relief organization Feed the Children recognizes the need some families face after months of holding on.

Three semi trucks in its Americans Feeding Americans caravan stopped in Tulsa today to deliver food, amenities and Avon products to needy families.

"We are not seeing any relief as far as the economic crisis," said Abby Harris, spokeswoman for Feed the Children. "We keep hearing that things are going to get better, but some of the cities fall behind, their recession occurs a little bit later, and Oklahoma is one of those states."

The Christ for Humanity relief organization in Tulsa partnered with Feed the Children in finding the families most in need. With a voucher program, the CFH site at 13th Street and Norfolk Avenue fed around 800 families. Bob Ashinhurst is CFH Director of Local Outreach.

"We're doing this as a ministry," he said. "We use food to reach people and let them know that Christ loves them. We would love to have other churches come and partner with us in different events that we do like this. There's a lot of opportunity available; there's a lot of need."

Feed the Children assisted around 1200 families across Tulsa.