High Court Hears Oklahoma Tax Challenge

Jun 11, 2018

Credit KWGS News File Photo

The Oklahoma Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments today—over whether a petition to overturn new state taxes is legal. 

A group called Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite is circulating a petition to overturn HB1010xx—a nearly $430 million dollar tax package that lawmakers passed this year. If the anti-tax group gets enough petition signatures—the issue will go to a vote of the people, likely in November. 

Two different groups, however, have filed legal challenges to this petition—claiming it is unconstitutional. 

One group argues the tax package in the bill is directly linked to other legislation that raises teacher pay—therefore Oklahoma Taxpayers Unite should not be allowed to over turn it. 

Another group argues the wording of the petition is inaccurate. 

The State’s highest court asked Attorney General Mike Hunter for his opinions on these challenges—and in both cases—Hunter said the argument against the petition was invalid