Hickory Grill-Roasted Turkey, Indiana Persimmon Pudding, Southern Corn Bread and Oyster Dressing, and Other Highlights from "The New Thanksgiving Table"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – The great American holiday of Thanksgiving arrives one week from today. Attention: All chefs, cooks, and hosts --- are you ready? On this edition of our show, we speak with Diane Morgan, an award-winning cooking teacher, cookbook author, and freelance food writer. Her newest cookbook is "The New Thanksgiving Table: An American Celebration of Family, Friends, and Food." The book is based on a simple yet interesting premise: namely, that the Thanksgiving menu changes significantly from New England to Oregon, from Minnesota to Texas, and from California to Florida. Therefore, Morgan has set out to create a deliberately wide-ranging cookbook for our national day of thanks, capturing America's culinary and cultural diversity with creative recipes for appetizers, soups, salads, main courses, stuffings, casseroles, biscuits, side dishes, desserts, and even leftovers. This book also features scores of lovely color photographs, by the way, along with a useful section of "planning tips" as well as several different pre-planned menus.