Heat Alert Issued for Thursday

Tulsa, OK – Paramedics say it's time to start talking heat. So far this month, EMSA has treated only two patients in the Tulsa area with suspected heat-related illness. However, the week's forecast is cause for concern. Each year, hundreds of Americans die from heat-related illness, and with higher temperatures and high humidity expected this week in Tulsa, our health risk will increase.

Symptoms of heat exhaustion, a mild form of heat-related illness, include muscle cramps, heavy perspiration, headache, nausea or vomiting, fainting and fatigue. Persons exhibiting such symptoms should move to a cool place (ideally, into an air-conditioned space), sip small amounts of cool water and contact their doctor for advice. Heat stroke is a potentially deadly form of heat-related illness; its victims often have skin that's red and hot or dry to the touch, a throbbing headache, an elevated body temperature, and unconsciousness. 911 should be called immediately if heat stroke is suspected.

The Tulsa Weather Coalition is seeking donations to buy air conditioners to help those that are in medical need, but that cannot afford one. They also need volunteers to help install air conditioners as well. You may contact them at (918)-834-2665.