Hear What Other Listeners Have Said About Our Programming

Apr 2, 2013

A fund drive is when we ask you, our listeners, to take a moment to consider what this public radio station is worth to you: why it matters to you personally, what you gain from listening to it, why you keep returning to it, and what our programming actually brings to you. Listener support is our leading source of income here at Public Radio Tulsa --- as in, all those forty- and sixty- and hundred-dollar checks that are sent in from listeners throughout our community. (They really do "add up" --- and they really do make it happen.)

Join the club! Support the radio that you rely on. (Click here to make a contribution in the amount of your choosing.)

And meanwhile --- as you ponder whether Public Radio Tulsa is worthy of your support --- hear what others have had to say about our programs. Do these sentiments echo your own?