Health Care Update

Oklahoma City, OK – Census: 14 pct uninsured in Okla. last year

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) The U.S. Census Bureau says 14 percent of Oklahomans lacked health insurance in 2008, down nearly a percentage point from 2007.

The figures released Thursday also showed that those living in poverty in Oklahoma was 13.5 percent in 2007-2008, down nearly 2 percentage points from the previous two-year period and similar to the national rate.

The percentage of Oklahomans who were uninsured in 2007-2008 was also similar to the national average and well below the adjoining states of Texas, with about 25 percent uninsured, and Arkansas, with nearly 18 percent uninsured.

The U.S. Census says that in 2003, 20 percent of Oklahomans went without health insurance.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma's median income increased nearly $4,000 in 2007-2008, to more than $45,000 a year.