Halloween Costumes Spark Creativity

Oct 28, 2013

Halloween is just around the corner and costumes are becoming more creative! Owner of Top Hat Magic and Fun Shop, Steve Lancaster, says presidential masks aren’t popular this year but Dewey Bartlett is. Lancaster says a man came to his shop to get thicker eyebrows for his “Dewey Bartlett” costume. He says vampire and zombie make-up is very popular this year. Lancaster says he’s still selling a lot of morph suits, suits that cover you head to toe hiding your features, and pink gorillas which he’s sold out of.

Lancaster gives a warning to those who might want to include spooky eye contacts to their costume. He says that it’s a “federal law that you have to have a prescription from a doctor to get contacts.” He urges people to not buy these contacts unless they go to the doctor for an eye exam to get the correct size.