Hail Simulation Gives Evidence of Importance of Good Materials

Feb 21, 2013

A Bixby home gets a new roof following hail damage
Credit KWGS News File Photo

It’s a little early for hail in Tulsa, but that’s what John Wiscaver with the Oklahoma Farm Bureau has been learning about this week.

He was in South Carolina Wednesday to witness the first-ever full-scale hailstorm simulation.

“Oklahoma is kind of ground zero for the most exposure to hail of anywhere in the country,” he said, “and as an insurance company we’re always very interested in trying to find ways to communicate to folks the importance of making better choices when they’re putting on either a new roof or replacing a roof.”

He says the simulation gives added evidence of those benefits.

“There wasn’t anything so much surprising,” he said, “but it did reinforce what we already believed to be true.”

“When you use better products that are less prone to being damaged by hailstones, you get better results,” he said.

The Insurance Institute for Business and Home safety conducted the tests of how various materials stand up to hail damage.