H1N1 Vaccine Expiring

Oklahoma City, OK – Swine flu vaccine spoiling in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Less than half the swine flu vaccine that was set aside for Oklahoma last year was used and much of the remainder has spoiled or is spoiling.

The government set aside more than 1.3 million doses for Oklahoma but 602,000 doses were actually used.

The state Health Department says almost 208,000 doses have now expired and almost 213,000 doses are in doctors' offices and clinics across the state with varying dates of expiration.

Another 299,000 doses are available for shipment to Oklahoma.

Health officials say despite the large number of unused doses it was better to be prepared for a worst-case scenario than to have had too few doses.

In Oklahoma, more than 1,000 people were hospitalized with the virus and 44 died.


Information from: The Oklahoman, http://www.newsok.com

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