Grief Settling In for Tornado Suriviors and Repsonders

May 29, 2013


It has been one week since the storms brought tornadoes that devastated Moore and Shawnee. Some survivors and first responders are beginning to deal with the grief. Tristesse Grief Center in Tulsa executive director, Susan Bramsch, says often the basic tasks after a disaster will delay the grieving process.

"After something this traumatic, really you're  going to see things much more further out," says Bramsch. "Probably 30 to 90 days is when we'll have an influx of calls and clients."

She says they expect to play a major role in counseling those affected by the tornadoes, as Oklahoma's only wide-focus grief counseling service for all ages.

Bramsch also adds that children are especially sensitive, and that parents even of children not directly affected by the storms should be watchful.

"They don't quite understand, and they  become terrified even, to the point that they're fearful that they're going to be hit by a tornado," says Bramsch.

She says parents should watch for changes in behavior, and seek help from a counselor if necessary.