Grand Jury Indictments

Tulsa, OK – Oklahoma, announces the results of the November 2009 Federal Grand Jury.
The following named individuals have been charged with a federal crime or crimes by the return of an indictment by the Grand Jury. The return of an indictment is a method of informing the defendant of alleged violations which must be proven in a court of law beyond a reasonable doubt to overcome the defendant's presumption of innocence.

Ruben Garcia and Leonel Ledezma and Oscar Palacios and Juan Antonio Martinez
and Gilberto Rivera and Alejandro Romero and Rubi Garcia and Mauricio Banuelos.
Conspiracy, Forfeiture Allegation. These eight individuals, all from Mexico, are charged with participating in a conspiracy to bring cocaine and methamphetamine into the Tulsa area from Mexico between June and October 2009. Additionally, the government is requesting the court to enter a monetary judgement against the defendants equal to the proceeds derived from the alleged crime if they are found guilty. This is in addition to over $63,000 in cash seized from the defendants at the time of their arrest. Ruben Garcia, 29, Tulsa; Ledezma, 26, Tulsa; Palacios, 24, Tulsa; Martinez, age ?, Tulsa; Rivera, 22, Owasso; Romero, 23, Tulsa; Rubi Garcia, 21, Jenks; Banuelos, 25, Tulsa.

William Reece Lancaster and Mark Vernon Edmiston. Conspiracy, Theft from a
Gaming Establishment on Indian Land in Excess of $1,000. Lancaster, 49, and Vernon,
45, both of Joplin, Missouri, are accused of working in concert with each other to use and cash-in counterfeit poker chips at the Seneca Cayuga Grand Lake Casino near Grove. The indictment alleges that several times last September and October the defendants carried out their fraudulent scheme inside the casino and met afterwards in the parking lot outside to split their illegally obtained cash proceeds. The loss to the casino is estimated at over $25,000.

Sealed and Superseding Indictments:
There were three indictments issued by the Grand Jury that remain sealed.