Governor to Eagleton: "No"

Tulsa, OK – Governor Fallin is declining to get involved in the ruckus at Tulsa City Hall. In a letter to City Councilor John Eagleton, the Governor said she was not going to exercise her power to call for an investigation regarding Eagleton's allegations against Mayor Bartlett. Eagleton had wanted Fallin to order the Attorney General to begin an ouster investigation against the mayor.

She told Eagleton that "Many, if not all, of your allegations involve violation of the Tulsa City Charter and Ordinances. I have been advised that Title 51 may only address potential state violations." Title 51 is the statute Eagleton had cited seeking he investigation.

She stated in her letter that "no one is well served" when leaders refuse to work together. She said the ongoing conflict is hurt Tulsa and its economic development effort. She urged Eagleton to find an local solution.