GOP Split in State House

Oklahoma City, OK – OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Republicans in the state House of Representatives are set to meet while members of the party's ultra-conservative wing are taking shots at incoming House Speaker Kris Steele who has put the state's struggling economy at the top of his agenda.

The representatives are to meet today and tomorrow in Bartlesville.

The more conservative Republicans want to focus on social issues that include abortion restrictions, immigration and fewer regulations on firearms. Steele has said the Legislature should concentrate on economic development and plugging holes in the state budget.

Steele says House Republicans are united but Republican Rep. Mike Christian predicts there will be "fireworks" during the meetings and says some in the GOP have privately questioned whether Steele is too liberal to be House speaker.

Some ultra-conservative groups also plan to travel to Bartlesville.

Edmond pastor Dan Fisher says he expects hundreds to be on hand to tell the lawmakers that social issues matter to them. And supporters of the Oklahoma Conservative PAC and tea party are also being urged to attend.

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