GOP frustration

Oklahoma City, OK – Okla GOP House leader hears conservatives' complaints

(Information in the following story is from: The Oklahoman,

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) The speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives heard complaints from angry conservatives who say they're frustrated that issues they want are not being addressed.

Republican Rep. Kris Steele spent nearly two hours Friday with members of the High Noon Club at Oklahoma City's H and H Gun Range. The Oklahoman reports that many they were frustrated and angry that measures dealing with the open carrying of handguns, illegal immigration and banning Sharia law were held up by Republican legislators.

The Rev. Dan Fisher told Steele that the leadership and rules are derailing the agenda items conservatives want most.

Steele when asked if he has been frustrated said he doesn't like it when people allow emotions or personalities to get in the way of having a civilized and rational discussion of ideas.