GOP 2nd District Congressional Debate

Jul 17, 2012

The republican run-off candidates for the second congressional district take part in a televised debate. It was on R-S-U TV last night at Claremore.

Markwayne Mullins says he is running for office because he is tired of federal interference in his business. George Faught, meanwhile, touted his six years experience in the state legislature.                  

Health care reform was the big issue. Faught called for the health care reform act to be repealed and replace with another plan.  Mullins wants the federal government out of health care altogether.

The run-off election is August 28th.

R-S-U TV broadcast the debate. The TV station is working to set up another debate with the democrat candidates.

You can hear the candidates opening statements my clicking the listen link above. George Faught speaks first.