Gilcrease Presents "Perfectly American: The Art-Union and Its Artists"

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's show, we're discussing an interesting exhibit on view at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa through October 2nd, "Perfectly American: The Art-Union and Its Artists." This exhibition tells the story of, and presents many of the artworks that came out of, the so-called American Art-Union, which was formed in 1843 by a group of New York City businessmen and artists. This little-remembered yet influential organization brought art to the masses, encouraged new talent, and supported American artists whose works depicted American scenes. Our guest on ST today is Professor Patricia Hills of Boston University, an authority on the American Art-Union who will soon be lecturing on this subject at Gilcrease. Her lecture, entitled "The American Art-Union: Paintings, Patrons, and Politics in the 1840s," will happen on Saturday the 23rd at 11am in the Tom Gilcrease Jr. Auditorium. As Hills explains on our show, several works that were originally created for the American Art-Union are now housed at Gilcrease. (A "member preview day" for this exhibit will happen at the museum on the 23rd; the show opens to the general public on Sunday the 24th.) For more information, please visit