Getting to Know the New CEO at YWCA Tulsa: Vanessa Finley

Jul 30, 2014

On this edition of our program, we speak with Vanessa Finley, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer at YWCA Tulsa. A Tulsa native, Booker T. Washington grad, and non-profit executive with 20+ years of experience, Finley has recently relocated to Tulsa from Kansas City; she began her tenure at YWCA Tulsa earlier this month. While in KC, she served as Director of Development for Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, Executive Director of Gilda's Club of Kansas City, and Executive Director of the First Step Fund (which is a micro-enterprise organization that she led for a dozen years). Finley talks with us about the mission, history, community presence, and various programs of YWCA Tulsa, which will mark its 100th anniversary in December. She also speaks about how her professional background and accomplishments adhere to the goals and purpose of this long-running Tulsa-based non-profit. Also on today's ST, commentator Connie Cronley has a few points to make about the differences between males and females -- namely, about how their brains function.