Getting to Know the Elias String Quartet, Which Will Soon Appear in Tulsa

Mar 24, 2014

The Elias String Quartet --- currently comprised of Sara Bitlloch, Donald Grant, Martin Saving, and Marie Bitlloch --- is one of the more widely acclaimed "younger" quartets on today's classical scene. They perform around the world, collaborating with many different artists across a range of styles and backgrounds; they formed in 1998 at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. This weekend --- tonight (Friday the 21st), tomorrow night (the 22nd), and Sunday afternoon (the 23rd) --- the Elias String Quartet will appear at a trio of notable events here in Tulsa; you can learn more about each of these happenings at this page from the Chamber Music Tulsa website. Our guest on ST today is the first violinist for the quartet, Sara Bitlloch, who tells us about this interesting musical collective's origins, philosophy, repertoire, educational endeavors, and recording schedule.