Gasoline Prices on Another Run

May 15, 2013

Credit KWGS News

The overnight price hike in gasoline jumps 15 cents. Over the last month gas prices have increased almost 50 cents. As it continues to climb,  local businesses are forced to maintain a strict budget.

Superior Lawn's Rachael Vanmeter says grouping customers into zones allows less gasoline usage.

"It cuts down on how, not so much that we can do service calls, because we do service calls all the time that are not in route order for the current day, but it kind of makes it to where it may take us an extra day or two to get to that person to where we're in that area, and not having to make one special trip for one person," says Vanmeter.

Price hikes affect local businesses in the services they provide, which can make it difficult to maintain a steady budget.

"We do a certain of them in certain areas all at one time, so we're not going from Tulsa to Bartlesville, to Jenks, but  it affects us tremendously. Everything we do, the vehicles run on gas, machinery runs on gas, it affects us tremendously," Vanmeter says.

Alternatives to gasoline, like propane, are limited, and also expensive to switch equipment over.