Gas Prices Decline in Tulsa

Jul 1, 2013

The sign in front of one Tulsa area Quik-Trip location.
Credit KWGS News

A very pleasant surprise for a Monday morning. Gasoline prices have dropped again in Tulsa.

The price for regular-unleaded fuel has dipped to either $2.98 or $2.99 per gallon in Tulsa. That is great news for those planning a road trip on this holiday shortened work week.

The price of gasoline has dropped 83-cents per gallon since the first of May, when prices in Tulsa hit $3.82 per gallon.

AAA spokesman Chuck Mai says that unless production is affected by a natural disaster, war breaks out in the Middle East, or a refinery pipeline breaks, the price of gasoline at the pump is not expected to skyrocket again.

"Really anymore, Geo-politics, the world-wide economy, what the China economy is doing, what India's economy is doing - all of these other factors really play a greater role in determining what the price of crude oil is, and in turn that affects what we pay  at the pump here for gasoline," Mai says.

He adds that this is a dramatic drop from the higher prices we saw in May.

"In lieu of anything catastrophic occurring, I really think we'll see prices continue to fall," Mai says. "They have dropped now considerably. State-wide our average for regular self-serve gasoline hit a high this year of $3.92, and now our state-wide average is more like $3.30 - $3.25."