Fund Audit Not Ideal for OKC Bombing Survivors

Nov 29, 2012

An accounting firm based in Missouri, BKD LLP, is brought in to audit the Oklahoma City Disaster Relief Fund, which is accused of mishandling or withholding donations to Oklahoma City bombing survivors.

Credit OKC Bombing Memorial

A group of survivors and supporters, called the Survivor Tree Committee, says this isn’t the action they hoped for.

“What we were asking for was an independent audit by Ken Feinberg,” said Holly Sweet, spokeswoman for the group, “who would come in, from totally out of state with no ties at all to anyone here in Oklahoma.”

Feinberg oversaw compensation to survivors of 9/11 and other high-profile disasters.

Sweet said he had agreed to come perform an audit pro-bono if invited by a state official.

She said that if that doesn’t happen, then as a result of the audit, “the bare minimum would be for these people to be treated with some degree of dignity.”