Former Tulsa DJ Wants to be Mayor

Tulsa, OK – "Don't trust anyone over 30." That was the cry from youth of turbulent 1960s.

Within the past year, two Oklahoma towns have elected mayors that are, well, under 30. Stillwater elected 27-year-old Nathan Bates and Muskogee tabbed 19-year-old John Tyler Hammons. Here in Tulsa this past week, a member of the under 30 crowd threw his hat into the ring. 28-year old Clay Clark goes by the nick-name DJ Clay, looking back to his former career as a disc-jockey for mostly parties and wedding receptions.

Clark calls himself a staunch republican conservative. He is promising no more taxes. He says he will only serve one four year term.

He says too much attention is being focused on downtown while the rest of Tulsa suffers. He says over spending is a problem in Tulsa. He is pro-life and wants a crackdown on illegal immigration something he says the current administration has turned a blind eye toward.

The municipal elections in Tulsa will be this November. We will hear from the other mayoral candidates as they make themselves available.