FOP Fund Raiser

Tulsa, OK – On Wednesday March 31, 2010 Members of the Oklahoma Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) will be raising funds from 6:00 AM to 8:30 AM at several locations in the Tulsa Metro Area. The funds will be collected to support the continuing care of 6 year old Jeremiah Mitchell, who was affected by the bacterial meningitis outbreak at the Oolagah/Talala schools.

In recent days Jeremiah has tragically had to have both of his arms and legs amputated. He continues to be in critical condition. Jeremiah was flown Monday morning to Cincinnati, Ohio where he will undergo several more major surgeries to repair his face, jaw and skin. This tragic situation has not only taken an emotional toll on the family but also a financial one. It is the FOP's hope that the funds raised can be used to defray some of the mounting expenses.

Members of the Oklahoma Fraternal Order of Police were touched by Jeremiah's story. President Ron Bartmier stated, "When our members heard about Jeremiah's battle, we felt that we needed to take action to assist in some way. It is scary that this little boy just went to school, and was afflicted with this infection, it could have been any of our children. Jeremiah's family has big hurdles to overcome and we hope that we can help with this one."